Hiking on Anacapa Island, Channel Islands National Park

Anacapa Island is located about 14 miles off the coast of Southern California, and is accessible by boat through the Island Packers Corporation located in Ventura Harbor. Crossing the Santa Barbara Channel in route to the island took about an hour, and the duration of the half-day trip was about 6 hours. The boat drops you off in a beautiful cove and after climbing many steps to the plateau of the island, the hiking tour started. The knowledgeable guide described all aspects of the island, including the wildlife and interesting stories about the native indians and various other folk who inhabited the island. Besides the natural beauty and breathtaking views from the island, the strongest vision I took away are the abundance of brown pelicans, and the fearless and playful harbor seals that seemed sad to see us go.


Anacapa #1"Approaching the Island"

Anacapa #2"Cove Landing"

Anacapa #3"The Backside Cliffs"

Anacapa #4"Hiking with the Tour"

Anacapa #5"The Tour at Inspiration Point"

Anacapa #6"View from Inspiration Point"

Anacapa #7"The Lighthouse"

Anacapa #8"Arch Rock w/Lighthouse Background"

Anacapa #9"Arch Rock"

Anacapa #10"The Island into the Sun"

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